Kids I can see are constantly bullying around my school. I don’t really like seeing bullying happen around in my school. I think we should do something about bullying , cause it is not good.  At least we can have a program for bullying. I just want to stop the bullying.



I think technology is bad for us humans. We are addicted to it and I think we could have one day a month were we use no technology in the school. I think we need to interact with each other. And we can get to all know each other and become friends . The End.

And We Are Back Inside My Life

Alright it is 9/18/17. So Today my brother and my sister we were with my g grandpa like almost every morning. We got into the car because my grandpa was dropping us off. My brother backed up his seat and was squishing me and the seat was hurting my legs. Then we dropped him off then we got dropped of.  THE END. Come back to my site and read more be a daily follwer.

Inside my life again

Today nothing happened but I just want to say it was 53 degrees this morning. It was freezing cold my legs were frosted cold. I hated it my lips were cold everything was cold.Then I got in to the classroom it was nice and warm. But I just want to say see you next  week.

Back Inside My life

On September 7, 2017 I had posted something and at the end I said I will so I am. Here we go today is September 11, 2017. This morning I had a very hard time getting up, but then I started hearing things in my room it was my mom trying to wake me up. So I finally got up and got ready. As soon has everyone was done getting ready we headed out and locked up and headed to the car. Then we drove to school. When I got out of the car I walked up to my class and that’s it . That’s it Stay tuned and I will post more tomorrow.

Inside my Life

Alright today is September 7, 2017. This morning my dad was droping me off at my grandpas. When we got there I ate breakfast we were going to be late after. We got ready quick. After we got ready I got my bags and headed to the car in the garage. When got into the car sat in my seat my brother and sister were coming. My brother open the front door to the car  and my sister had to get threw so she can get into the car. But my brother got mad and started cussing at my sister. I was watching everything from inside the car. my sister finally got threw and got in the car. My brother closed the front door to the car sat in the passenger seat and he lowered and backed up his seat  I sat right behind him he was squishing me.  We got to school and I couldn’t get my bags out so I said can you put your chair up I started banging on chair with my fist. I had hurt my fist. There is more to the story but find out next time……

Instagram Addiction

About 7 million users are on Instagram everyday. I had asked my mom how many times a day she is on Instagram and she said ” I am only on Instagram 2 times a day and for only 10 minutes”. I have been on Instagram today and I was looking at the pictures people post. I would have to say people post pictures about every 1 hour. Instagram has become very popular and there is just to many people on it. Some people have two accounts. But lately  people are now starting slime accounts.

Hercules Titans Football

On Friday 25, 2017 There was Football game against Mt. Diablo. The Titans played very well. The score was Titans 32 to Mt. Diablo 8. Number 12 Felix Reyes threw 3 touchdown passes and 1 rushing pass. The whole team played well. I am just happy that they won.avatar_71ab09231c42_128