The Chess Board

     The Chess Board

The game of chess was probably invented in India. Persians introduced the game to the Muslim world in the mid 600s. Chess became popular with polo. Polo and chess were both  popular games.


Chess quickly became popular at all levels of society. Caliphs invited chess champions, including women and slaves, to their palaces to play in matches. Players enjoyed the intellectual challenge that chess presented.


Chess is a battle of wits in which players move pieces on a board according to complex rules.Each player commands a small army of pieces, one of which is the king.The goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king.


Checkmate means that the king cannot move without being captured. As with polo, Muslims adapted and improved the game of chess. They spread it across Muslim lands and introduced it to Europe.

Chess remains one of the world’s most popular games.The exaggerated size and position of the chessboard indicates the popularity of the game at the time.


Maniac Magee{Paragraph}


Hi my name is Amadis Reyes. Here is a little sneak peek on the book sense I don’t want to spoil it so here we go. Once there was a kid name Jeffrey Magee. People say that he was born in a dump but he was actually born in a average nice regular house. His parents died when he was only 3 years old. When his parents died he ran as fast has he can and landed up in the East end wear the blacks lived. Back then the black and the whites were  separated.



They are a lot of differences in bothe the movie and the book. In the book they said that he was only 3 when his parents died, but in the movie they said that he was 12 when his parents died. In both they had Cobble’s Knot / and Cobble’s Corner. Also in the movie they didn’t mention Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan they were the people that took care of Maniac. The book mention Grayson, but the movie didn’t I really liked Grayson. The movie added  people that work at the orphanage to take Maniac, and in the book they didn’t Maniac just ran away after 15 or 18 years with his aunt and uncle. They both mention frog ball but in the movie they used a real frog In the book I thought it was just called that. Maybe in the book they did use a real frog. In the movie they had prunes, and beans Mcnab’s father thought they eastenders were going to take them so he was getting ready for war. The book never mention a statue of an person that started everything( forgot his name). They both mentioned that there was stop balls. The book there were the Pickwells, Pillbox, but the movie didn’t mention it.



I thought the book was better. The book had more details and action the movie had action too but not like a lot of action.

Calpurnia Tate

      Calpurnia Tate 💘


I am reading a book called The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. The book is great and there are many interesting characters. I think I’m most like the main character, Calpurnia Tate.  There are lots of things I can refer to Calpurnia Tate, like she loves science and I love science, she loves to swim at the river and I like to swim in a lake, river, or pool. I also love to cook like flapjacks and egg burritos . That is how I am compared to Calpurnia Tate. One other thing I am compared to Calpurnia Tate is that she doesn’t like knitting like I don’t like knitting. Calpurnia is a very interesting girl and sometimes Calpurnia can be a little weird. One thing that makes her sound weird is that in the book Calpurnia Tate  she said that she wanted a wife for herself.Sometimes she can be funny, mean but one thing I know is that she is also sweet, nice. Calpurnia and her family always say bad words a lot in this book. In the knitting chapter is when Calpurnia has to knit socks for her brothers which is crazy I am happy that I don’t have to knit socks for my brother or my sister. By the way I don’t want to have a wife when I am older like in the book Calpurnia said that she wanted a wife.


When I grow up I would not like to do all the chores but I don’t think I have a choice to. That is my story  to how I am compared to Calpurnia Tate.👰👰


The End.


don’t miss the sequel !

A time I got scared

             A TIME I GOT SCARED😢😖

One time I got scared is when we we were going trick or treating last year.


When we arrived at this really scary house I freaked out and I had to ask my sister if she could get me some candy and she did but my dad said he didn’t want her to get me candy. He told my sister Itzel that he didn’t want her to get any candy for me because he wanted me to get the candy myself.


I got scared because it had a headless guy and a dead pearson that is flat and then pops out right in you r face that was  the most scariest thing in my life and it was not pretty when I got scared.


And that is the time when I got scared and freaked out. Made By Amadis Reyes 😀Happy

Black History Month

Why Black History Month?


I believe that we should be celebrating Black History Month. Black History Month started in 1976,tohonor the Black community leaders, every U.S president offically had designated the whole month of February as Black history month. In my essay I will be talking about why I believe Black history month should be celebrated. During Black history month,we honor the historian leaders of the black community, to honor achievements of African Americans, and to celebrate the freedom of African Americans.


To honor the historians of the black community.Martin Luthur King Jr., Rosa Parks. They did great things in life. Martin Luthur King Jr., he was a social activist, baptist minster. He had played a key role in American civil rights movement.Rosa Parks, she was a black seastress. She helped “initiate” the civil rights movement in the United States.


The achievements of African Americans. Charles Richard Drew, George Washington Carver. They both achieved in life they showed us to new things. Charles Richard Drew, was a medical researcher. He had made groundbreaking achievements he came  up with blood transfusion. He managed “two of the largest blood banks in World War 2.George Washington Carver, was a botanist inventor. He was the most prominent scientists and inventors. He was known for working with peanuts.


To celebrate the freedom, and civil rights of  African Americans. Juneteenth is an American holiday, Juneteenth stands for June 19, 1865.Juneteenth was the “abolition” of slavery.Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. On March 7, 1965 it was “Bloody Sunday” there was 600 civil right marhers headed out of Selma , when they had been stopped at Edmund Pettus Bridge six , that’s were the “state and local lawmen attacked them with billy clubs and tear gas and had drove them back into Selma. This is called Racism, if the marchers were white they wouldn’t have done anything they would just stand there like nothing is going on.


This is all the reasons why I believe Black History Month should be celebrated because of all the sacrifce’s that happen back then we were able to have our first black president. This is why it is good to learn the history of black history month.




Black Panther { Review}

On February 20, 2018 I watched the black panther. I think it was really good, I really liked the sound track to. The movie made me cry honestly, I didn’t think I would cry but I did it was sad to me. The lines to watch the movie was really long in hilltop it had started to form around the corner of the building. That’s why we went to the Grand lake Theater to watch it. The Black Panther movie was the first Marvel movie that sold the most Pre-tickets. It is really funny and a little part of the movie is also filmed in Oakland.


Back inside my life for like the hundredth time

Hey YO-YO-YO guys its Madi , and I am back with info of my life. So as you guys know that today  February 14 , 2018 is Valentine’s Day. I only got like 5 Valentine’s and two of them is from my friend. Honestly I feel left out when it comes to holiday’s when you are giving gifts to friends. My friends have money to spend on there friends on me and I can’t afford to give gifts to them sometimes. My life is hard I am not like all people not everybody is perfect.

Back at it again

Yo- Yo- Yo it’s madi and back again with gossip. So I was on this website bout celeb news gossip. I will put the link down below.

So (LOVE LIVES) guess what, did you hear about  George Clooney, well I guess he said the cutest and sweetest thing about Amal. So adorable, don’t you think.

Today I said I just want to right about George Clooney which I already did and if you want to read more about him go to this site US MAGAZINE

Dog Flu

If you anyone that’s reading this has any dogs well read very closely. If I were you and have a dog, I wouldn’t take them to the dog park at all the reason I am saying  this is because the dog flu is going around. This is contagious, this is all over the U.S. to. I had read in this article called Dog flu is real but there’s no need to panic.

In this article they are saying that some dogs are actually catching the flu for real, then there saying there is no need to panic. What do you mean there is no need to panic, it’s like you can’t even take your dog out anywhere anymore with you. This is ridiculous I honestly want my dogs to be safe right now.

So has I am reading more into this it’s saying that The flu right now doesn’t really seem uncommon I never even heard of the dog flu until this year so uncommon and almost every other weekend I take my dogs to the dog parks. Then they are going to say that they see ” outbreaks flare up and then usually run their course, and then that’s it. Like what the heck you aren’t going to anything just let your dog be sick and think it’s ok. What’s wrong with dog owners I hope if anyone of you guys are reading this and have a dog please go to  your vet if you think your dog has the dog flu. Don’t let your dog be and not do anything cause that’s like just dumb.



My friends have been telling me about the show The Fosters on Netflix they it’s so good. It’s really interesting they say so almost every day in P.E they tell me about the show. So form what my friends tell me I think you should watch it. I even bet my dogs would watch it that’s how good it is from what my friend tells me. But, I don’t know yet I would watch The Fosters if I were you.